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As a global charity, A4ID delivers an unparalleled opportunity for law firms and companies internationally to make an outstanding contribution in meeting the needs of the world’s poorest citizens. We do this primarily as facilitators, matching international legal expertise with local need in more than 100 jurisdictions.

Originally inspired by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established by the United Nations in 2000, and now pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from 2016, the work of A4ID benefits local development organisations.

Many such organisations work tirelessly to improve access to basic services for the poorest people and empower local communities to tackle poverty. But we often see that a lack of access to legal expertise can reduce their impact. We also understand that the law can sometimes be an impediment to sustainable development.

In bringing together our legal partners with our development partners – from large international NGOs and developing country governments to small civil society groups – we act as a conduit, matching international legal expertise with local need.

When law firms, companies and barristers’ chambers become our legal partners, they help directly in overcoming the challenges of global poverty, by giving practical legal advice on a pro bono basis where it is most needed in developing countries. Every organisation receiving advice is contributing towards the achievement of the SDGs.

In addition to facilitating pro bono advice for our development partners, we also provide a range of training programmes. Our annual Law and Development Training Programme is attended by solicitors and barristers covering topics from responsible project financing to environmental law and tax justice.

A4ID’s role as a pro bono facilitator and training organisation within the legal and development communities provides a unique vantage point to comment on the international development agenda. A4ID partners with law firms, academic institutions and development organisations to perform research and policy work, particularly in relation to the fast evolving areas of business and human rights and the nexus of law and sustainable development.



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