Legislation is technically prepared and processed and is required to be prepared in specified forms and formats. The process of developing, drafting, debating and scrutinising legislation can be intricate and protracted. The Course is intended to  familiarize participants  with the principles and tenets of initiating legislative proposals, translating legislative proposals into Bills and processing the Bills into Laws.

Increasingly, laws are delegating powers to make laws to Ministers, Institutions and bodies outside the Legislatures. The Course will equip lawyers and Policy makers from these institutions on the principles that govern the exercise of delegated legislative power and drafting of delegated legislation.

In Parliament, the legislative process is executed through  prescribed  procedures  which  provide for the form and manner of presentation, scrutiny, debating or commenting on specific legislative processes and understanding the policy behind the legislation. In Common Law Jurisdictions, Parliamentary Practice and procedure is entrenched in traditions and procedures that constitute standing orders which every person dealing with legislation should be well acquainted with. The Course is intended to provide participants with practical skills and best practices in Parliamentary practice and procedures.

Course Topics

The Course will cover the following topics

Drafting Process

i.The role of a person drafting legislation

ii.Legislative Research

iii.Legislative Plans

iv.Stages of drafting legislation

The Course will also give participants an opportunity to share experiences on the challenges and best practices in drafting legislation and parliamentary practice and procedures.

Translating policy into law i.Policy and legislation

Legislative Language and Style i.Legislative sentences




v.Plain language

vi.Gender neutrality

Location: Arusha City, Tanzania